We’re already on 12% of our goal with the donations of last week. Thank you!

Thank you for your donations: Alicia Bruintjes, Anthony Wong, Edward Schekler, Jeroen Dommerholt, Philip Partnow, Frankie Yung, Ruth Lee, Cat-Si Nguyen, Arthur Kuik, Michel Mol, Annie Cornelissen, Annabel James, Nguru Kiraba, Xavier Long, Jeremia Geiger, Kevin Cheng, Hans & Antje van der Hoeven - Boesseling and everyone who wishes to stay anonymous. 

They started the clean-up and rebuilding in Bien Hoa, and we hope that we can get pictures soon from relatives since they don’t have internet or smart phones. We’re not giving up, we are just starting over.

We are so much closer to our dream (US$60,000). Any donations will help, and if you are not able, please send thoughts of love, support and share this page with friends for free. Thank you so much, you made a difference! 

You can also become a donator or supporter here: https://fundly.com/tran-family-house-fire-rebuilding-fund